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Some of the works are showed here

New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Abrons Art Center - Manhattan

16-22 July 2018

Noisy Eye audited inside the concert's festival.

Finestre di Artista, Pietrasanta

11-13 May 2018

Multimedia installation showed in the St. Francesco's Convent for the Finestre di Artista Event (Artists Window).

Soundtrack of the Ice Matter,Bremen HFK

6/7 February 2016

Everyone know that climate change is an issue and ice is melting right now. With “Soundtrack of the ice matter” you can bring the ice right in your place, wherever you are, and be aware of it! Ice recorded on a microscope, and microphone placed to hear ice cracks.

Hochschule für Künste Bremen,Elektronisches Konzert n. 56

15 June 2015

First Public audition for Noisy Eye.

Lange Nacht der Musik, Bremen

11-13 May 2015

Exposition of the Project "Nausicaa Noisy Folias", a Collaboration with Riccardo Castagnola & Jinwook Jung, the Gerhard-Marcks-Haus for the Lange Nacht der Musik.

Re-Echoes from the Wall, Sant’Orsola / San Lorenzo's District, Florence.

25 - 27 Settembre 2014

Sound Installation of Alessandro Belli, Enrico Moscoloni and Cecilia Stacchiotti by Tempo Reale. Sound Installation want to revive the sounds of the Sant'Orsola monastery, echoing with them his story. The players are the walls of the monastery and the walls of the district where the monastery is, because they are the tangible evidence of all the past and present: the whispered secrets through the streets to the solemn chants of prayer.

Mini-Kunst Festival, 4bid Gallery, Amsterdam

June 2014

Dystopia, MiniKunstFestival is a biannual recurring project, placed in the smallspaces of 4bid gallery. Each edition is characterized by a different topic related to the contemporary Era. For this first edition the theme is Dystopia.

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My life: Computer, Music and Multimedia. Programming and Computing are instruments at the services of creativity. From Arduino to Max Msp, from Audacity to Praat, from Windows to Osx, through Linux. Computer Expert - bachelor in Multimedia Art - Master in Sound design. I love to convey thoughts in compositions and art, I love to use different programs and everything matter for creative realization.

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