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I always found depression such a selfish action. You think you’re alone in this thing called life? Why people around you should give you attention based on your feelings?

When I was a kid, until my teenage, I thought it was so stupid to be so negative, why would you do that? Another point on the table on “Kids are ignorant”.

One of the reasons was that I would never understand that food could change your mood, health and life this much. One day can be heaven, the next day you’re in hell, literal hell. Because we probably have average lives, if not above or great ones, but it feels to live inside a shell with a couple of monitor, looking at the wonders while you’re unable to appreciate them.

Sometimes it’s just hard to focus on those bright points because life is really heavy, and I even feel that everything is shaded behind a bad metabolism.

Unpopular opinion: medicine at the average daily level is almost dangerous for someone that is approaching actual diseases. I might just have been unlucky, but what it feels is that doctors are generally 10 years behind the actual research, on one side for good reasons, on other they’re gatekeeping actual good treatment.

Anyway don’t listen to me, I’m just a ranty developer that knows really less about actual medicine.

Be healty, be productive and see ya soon! 👋

This week’s Digital Gem 💎

I want to suggest content from people I admire and look up when creating content. This week is Akta:

Beside the great vibes and video production, I love the practical advices (that I really need, since I’ll move in a month!).