On God, Goals and Grandma

On God, Goals and Grandma

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Imagine for a second that God is not a metaphysical entity, but your own personal goal. Why you want to change the world, why setup “your God” to be that demanding and unreachable?

Imagine setup “easy” things like having 1 partner, build a family, live in a place that you love, with people you respect. How bad that would be if that is your genuine goal?

Then, when you accomplished that, you can expand on things such as:

  • Hosting 3 generations of child and friends, feeding and educating them.
  • Growing your own fruit, having your own chickens to get the best quality for the health of your family.
  • Bake, cook and clean in the best way possible, refining your talent over the years and with the help of lovely friends.

Many people would classify those achievements as menial or unskilled, from another time, or even stupid and “easy”. I feel our generations wants the moon, but achieve a hill, at best. You need courage to get good at the things I just listed.

Well, I’m sure that those "old actions" mark hearths and brains of many people and make you live forever.

Are we sure that our modern actions are doing the same?

Today I want to celebrate the wonderful life of my Grandma, 100 years of love. She had a "simple" life, full of events that most of us would define as "boring" or usual. We always seek novelty or things that probably won't make us better people, probably just fill our "temporary" needs.

My Grandma, Teresina, is with us. I think She is asking for some rest, after a life full of joy, as she described with eyes filled with lovely memories.

In conclusion, coming back to the concept of God: is it us that are setting up God on a pedestal, with unachievable expectations, or is it God such a silly supernatural concept? What's your 2 cent on this?

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