Work in progress

1 min read Resources

Welcome to the resources page! This page is currently a work in progress, but we promise it will be chock-full of useful information and tools before you can say “jackrabbit!” We're particularly excited to share some helpful tips and tricks for using the productivity software Notion, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, here's a little outline to whet your appetite:

  • Section 1: How to procrastinate like a pro
  • Section 2: 10 easy ways to avoid doing actual work
  • Section 3: The art of pretending to be busy
  • Section 4: Tips for looking productive without actually achieving anything

We know, we know – it's not the most conventional list of topics, but hey, sometimes a little humor is the best way to get through the day! Keep checking back for updates, and thanks for your patience.