The value of inaction

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Hey People! 👋

For the last weeks I didn't really write a newsletter. I'm "stuck" reading Beyond Order: 12 more Rules for Life. It's a really impactful book that make you think quite a lot, every single page you turn, every single phrase.

That shouldn't be a reason to stop me: I need to write my notes, I need to commit to this digital room to achieve a good habit of writing, to build a small community.

But recently I failed.

No One should Ever Stop 🏃

Let me argue why no-one should stop. And why resting is not stopping.

  1. Imagine your current situation and reflect upon what you can actually improve.
  2. Think about a large time frame in which you can achieve your goals, about 1 or more years. Think about the person you want to be.
  3. Then think about the person you will be if you don't achieve that. ← this is the most important, this is what should keep you awake, at night and in your conscience, when you procrastinate too much.

I never heard or met anyone that after this steps doesn't come up with something. Every single human being on Earth has something should improve, we're all fallible.

Then plan it, do it, otherwise your inaction will shift towards the person that won't achieve that and you will be probably frustrated, in a place you don't want to be and with people you don't like. Avoid that dark place.

One thing that completely shifted my look at how to do things is present in Atomic Habits (among others): never stop your habits or your activity. The value of your inaction is far greater and will hurt you. Do baby steps, improve 1% every week, month and never stop. On that note, remember that charging your batteries after a great week, is also very productive! 🔋🔋🔋

The technical side 👨‍💻

After the philosophical part of my inaction, I was actually stuck in the move to ghost platform, but I'm quite sure it's not for me, at least now.

The managed option is way too expensive for me, the self-hosted is cheap but probably slow. Then, if you want a custom layout is probably the case you need to actually code a theme, because the personalization options are quite limited.

The fact that you can't have a custom homepage with less clicks is quite weird. Sure, you can redirect the homepage to a page, but you can't really customize it, for example, by adding the posts there.

Yesterday (Friday 17.04) I just started to developed a custom theme for Ghost. Maybe I'll come to something good, but still, and share with you guys! 😊

Video of the week

This week I reviewed a keyboard, Vortex Tab 75, it would mean the world if you can just check this out:

That's all for this week! See you! 👋