Why games are compelling?

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I'm a strong believer that games are a great way to improve your productivity, because they can be tricked to be your treat, instead of finding pleasure in them.

But it's nowhere near me to say that they can't be addictive, due to the fact that they actually have mechanisms to release endorphins.

Are games different from reality? 🌍

We might define reality as something we perceive as true. Is a game not true? Aren't the things in a game not true? If you haven't tried the adrenaline that you get playing a First Person Shooter, you're missing something 😄

World of Warcraft was defined as the 20th economy in the world, in the usual real world.1

After the feelings and the passion we put into it, there's skill needed to manage multiple things at once: sometimes you need to guide different people around a digital world to gather resources, to slain enemies and to make your clan flourish. Is that much different from our usual world skill?

Mc Donald's jobs are necessary, I think, to introduce many people to the job world and sustain someone that need money in a situation of need. I was a waiter once for a summer job.

Having said that, is it more real to work at Mc Donald flipping hamburgers or guiding 20 people into a dungeon crawling of enemies? Or surviving among 100 people trying to build structures that can provide you cover, having a great knowledge of the map?

It's a genuine question. After the monetary revenue, maybe Mc Donald is more real than a digital world,

The Hero Journey 🦸

The reason why most games are compelling is because they create stories and the "Hero Journey". We identify ourselves in the protagonist, the his/her will to overcome the evil and the pain the world. The hero is someone that take on responsibility in face of the suffering inflicted from life.

All of us males are a bit Mario searching for our beloved Princess Peach.

If you think about one person that you really admire, I'm pretty sure that is someone that take responsibility in a mature manner and it's someone to look up to.

Is that much different to identify in the hero of a digital story rather in someone real?

It's a good job opportunity💰

After all the psychological and spiritual observation, the economy of videogames is rising and is not going to stop. Becoming someone that play videogames professionally is easier than ever, both at high level (E-Sport) or for Entertainment (Streaming).

This week was really full and I could finish just on Saturday night the video editing and the newsletter. On Sunday you can check my last video, I'm sure you can find some inspiration for a good system to get track of your progress and reward yourself, especially if you're using Notion.

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E. Castronova, Synthetic Worlds: The Business and Culture of Online Games. University of Chicago Press, 2008.