Be truthful and sincere with yourself.

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Hey folks! πŸ‘‹

Last 2 weeks I've been silent because I've been quite busy, work and YouTube wise.

When it came to write something, I could take some notes from my books but nothing more. I wasn't really in a great place on this side of my life, but then a few days ago I came to watch this video:

"If you're honest with your audience, you can't go wrong".

This is one of the greatest advice, ever. In my opinion this applies not only with your "Audience", also with your partner and everyone in your life. As Jordan Peterson wrote "Tell the truth - or, at least, don't lie".

Last weeks I was scared, and I asked myself many times why you should ever read this and get anything. Numbers certainly don't help, there aren't many of you.

I was wrong: here I'm trying to improve myself so someone else can at least have something to think about it or share with you. We learn from shared experiences. I'm sure that with consistency and perseverance I can grow and finally be helpful with someone.


As for something of value to share, I can't stress enough how important is the rest. I can see already the consequences when I miss my weekly rest day, or I stress myself too much over some tasks. There's no more productive day more than one spent recharging your batteries.

πŸ“· Weekly video

If you fancy developing an Electron app, please try this video where I develop an app to fetch for b-roll from Pexels:

Hope you will have a wonderful Sunday or rest of your day.