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In the cluttered start of a new year, we're stormed about our reading and passions. I don't think you need to read another wall of text about anything, I'm sure there's something you would like to actually read instead of this.

What about a list of tools that I love to use?

  • CarbonSH: Make cool screenshot, for code and text: https://carbon.now.sh/ Copy and paste the code or the text you want to showcase, and then save it as an image in a beautiful
  • thinkr.org: When I'm actually not that much interested in reading a book, but I would like to know what's that about, I usually read-listen a summary of it in thinkr. For example, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up from Marie Kondo or Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance.
  • HeadSpace: I found this app almost casually 4 years ago, now is a daily driver for my mental clarity and probably sanity. I strongly suggest to start meditating daily, it's an invaluable help.
  • Whyspersync: I discovered this about 1 month ago, since then I finished 2 books. Basically you need to buy both Amazon Kindle and Audible, then you have the Kindle narration:

That was it, hope I could give you something useful!

If you feel like to help, please share this on your social media, it would mean a lot to me 😊 ❤️