10 Challenges to become unstoppable

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Hi, thanks for reading! This is the first time I'm begging you, but you should read David Goggins book "Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds". It'll make your everyday life seem less daunting and give you the inspiration to strive towards those dreams that were always in reach but never really within grasp until now.

The book is divided in 10 challenges, listed here:

Challenge #1: Inventory of Excuses

💡 Task: Write out a list of what is challenging you today. What problems and limitations do you encounter? What excuses are you making? Don’t hold back. Don’t be nice to yourself.
Mission: This list of excuses will fuel your future success.

Challenge #2: Accountability Mirror

💡 Task: Write all your insecurities, dreams, and goals on Post-Its and put them on the mirror you look at every morning. You will use this accountability mirror to remind yourself of your mission each morning.
Mission: If you are trying to lose weight, your first Post-It may be to lose two pounds in the first week. Once that goal is achieved, remove the note and post the next goal of two to five pounds until your ultimate goal is realized.
If you look into the mirror and see someone who is obviously overweight, that means you’re fucking fat!

Challenge #3: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

💡Task: Write in your journal all of the things you don’t like to do and the things that make you feel uncomfortable. Do one of them every day.
Mission: Do something that sucks every day, slowly creating a more productive, can-do mentality when encountering stressful situations. This is how you callous your mind.

Challenge #4: Taking Souls

💡Task: Identify a competitive situation. Who are you competing against? Earn their respect with excellence. Work harder than you’ve ever worked before. Crush their standards. Take their negativity and use it dominate their task with everything you’ve got.
Mission: Have your doubters watch you achieve something they could have never even done themselves. Have them see how INCREDIBLE you are.

Challenge #5: Visualize Your Goals

💡Task: Choose any challenge, or set a new goal, and visualize achieving it. Imagine what this success will look and feel like. Also, visualize the obstacles you will encounter along the way. Incorporate visualization into your daily encounter with your accountability mirror.
Mission: Accomplish something you previously thought was impossible, and understand why you are pushing yourself towards certain goals.

Challenge #6: The Cookie Jar

💡Task: Write down all of your life obstacles, including minor failures, that you turned into successes. Feel what it was like to overcome those struggles, those opponents, and win. Then get to work!
End Goal: The point is to remember what you were once capable of doing and channeling that energy to succeed again!

Challenge #7: Remove the Governor

💡Task: Gradually increase your physical and/or mental exercise sets. You should push yourself slightly past your perceived maximum ability in order to slowly break through your self-imposed ceilings.
Gradually ramp up your workouts 5–10% each set. Push yourself to the point where you are so exhausted and in pain that your mind is begging you to stop. If you do 100 pushups today, do 105 or 110 tomorrow.
End Goal: By continually pushing yourself past your perceived limits, you will develop a new inner dialogue and confidence when encountering difficult physical challenges, allowing you to go beyond what you thought was previously possible.

Challenge #8: Scheduling

💡Task: 3 week challenge.
Week 1: Take notes on your daily routines and habits. How often are you on your phone or watching TV? How long do you take to eat and commute to work?
Week 2: Build a schedule to optimize your time. Use 15–30 minute block intervals. When you work, only focus on one thing at a time.
Week 3: Your schedule should be optimized!
End Goal: Stop wasting time. Maximize your effort in what you do every day without sacrificing sleep.

Challenge #9: Be Uncommon Amongst Uncommon

💡Task: Do whatever you have to do to stand out amongst the people around you. If the people around you are already the cream of the crop, do what you have to do to be #1.
End Goal: Sustain greatness for a long period of time.

Challenge #10: After Action Reports

💡Task: Write out all of your failures. Note everything positive that came from your failures. Describe how you handled your failures. Go back through and make a list of the things you can fix. This is your After Action Report (AAR). Go to your calendar and schedule in time to give it another attempt, ASAP.
End Goal: Change your mindset about failure. When you fail at something, file an AAR. The AAR will help you dissect what you did right and wrong in order to figure out how you’ll do it properly the next time!

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