How YouTube Can Help You Grow as a Creative Person and Gain Confidence

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Since November 2020, I have started a YouTube channel about Tech and Programming. In addition to that, I have learned many new things just because I had to get knowledge to explain it to people. Today, I would like you to understand why making a YouTube Channel is a great positive outcome for your life.

As a viewer, YouTube can help you grow as a creative person and gain confidence. You can watch videos on many topics to learn new things and improve your skills. You can also find videos of people who have done things that you want to do, and learn from their experiences.

The benefits of creating videos as a creative person

The benefits of creating videos on YouTube are vast. When you create a video, you are expressing yourself in a unique and creative way. You are also sharing your knowledge with the world, and helping others learn new things. Additionally, by creating videos, you are gaining experience and confidence in front of an audience. This can be helpful in many areas of your life, such as work or school. Ultimately, creating videos on YouTube can help you grow as a creative person and gain confidence in your abilities.

My 2 cent on how to get started on YouTube

The first big thing you get from making a YouTube channel is that you have to find content. Sure, it could be just mindless rambling about your life, but usually people want to hear something new and exciting, and it's fundamental that you find a "niche" where you can focus on a single topic.

A niche is a specialty area, or a specific market a business can focus on. For example, there are many food bloggers out there, but somebody who blogs about veganism would be catering to a smaller, more specific audience (a niche).

After defining your direction and niche, the next most important thing is to have great audio. Audio is a significant part of a video, but it can be hard to get right. Let's be honest - how many times have you skipped a video because the audio was bad? There are great microphones available for as low as €20 that produces a good quality audio.

On the other hand, video can be managed by your Smartphone. Anything with 1080p video is fine, because the "magic" can be done easily in editing: Da Vinci Resolve is a great free video editor for Windows, but if you can invest a little money, you can dive into Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro. Personally, I feel more professional and stable with Apple's one, although it has its own problems.

Have you ever started a YouTube channel? If not, now might be the time. A lot of people have turned to YouTube as their go-to for video content over the years, and it’s easy to see why. You can find all sorts of different videos on any topic imaginable, but there are still some key things that make good channels great. What does your perfect channel look like? Do you want it to be focused around one specific niche, or do you think variety is more important? Will this be something where you plan on uploading daily with new material every day, or will your audience expect long gaps in between uploads?

Examples of successful YouTube channels

There are many successful YouTube channels out there, and it can be inspiring to watch them and learn from their success. Here are a few examples:

1. Casey Neistat - Casey Neistat is a filmmaker who rose to fame through his popular daily vlogs.

2. The Slow Mo Guys - Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy are two friends who make videos about using slow motion to capture amazing things. They have over 14 million subscribers.

3. Dude Perfect -The Dude Perfect channel is a popular YouTube channel that is filled with stunning trick shots and sports videos. The channel has over 50 million subscribers and their videos have been viewed over 2 billion times.

P.S. My favorite song is "La Ritournelle" by Sebastien Tellier, and this relatively recent play is just magnetic: