Stability, not happiness

1 min read Nexus Nook

Hey everyone 👋

First, Happy new 2021 🎉 I sincerely hope you can have a great year full of stability, mental clarity and if it comes, happiness.

I am a strong believer that the first thing that anyone needs is not happiness, but stability.

When we are not happy we feel “not right”. We feel that we’re not truly appreciating life or what we are around. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s just a full day that you had to do work that you don’t like or do something for your health that require a lot of willpower to afford to be stable.

If you need to work 2 jobs, 80h a week it’s okay to don’t feel happy. You’re making your family, your situation, stable.

If you have 2 auto-immune disease, and you need to take pills, skip meals that you’d love, and see everyone around eating what they want, it’s okay to don’t feel happy, you need your health to be stable and productive.

If you’re dealing with chemical imbalance in your body, and you can’t be happy, it’s okay. Get the stability you need to live and strive.

Happiness is to find that much stability that you can cross a goal successfully.

Happiness needs to be celebrated, but not chased. It’s coming after your stability.

Be a grumpy stable pillar for you and your community around you. You don’t need to smile if you can help yourself and everyone around you.🏛️

I hope again that you had a great start of the year. If you feel, please share this to some friend that needs some stability, it would mean a lot to me as well.