A Will's tale

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You have a best friend and his name is Will. Will is a tough cookie. You're there, profusely sweating while struggling to be more productive, and he never shows up to help. When you bloody need it, he's never there. Sometimes, if the day's lucky, he might show up. You never know when he's going to leave you, maybe in a horrible situation.

You recognize that when Will is around, everything seems easier, and you actually feel fresh. It looks that you depend on that, but you're just anxious that you can't do it without him.

One day you prefer to remove the taunting thought of Will from your mind "He's doing what he wants, then I'll do the same!". You focus on make your life easier, more satisfying, rewarding, rather than rely on someone unreliable.

Like a turtle, slowly but steady, you discover that you don't actually need Will that often, and when you actually do, you can reach him since you rarely hear from him.

Will is actually changed as well and love to stay around you (as long as it's not too long though!).

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You probably already understood that Will is actually your will: don't focus on completing tasks that requires will, rather implement systems that remove it and make the process satisfying.

This is what happens when you first finish How to take Smart Notes, and while reading Atomic Habits.🤯

Only by reading those books it feels that you're productive. Especially Atomic Habits, every page contains a couple of quotes, at least 1 example that you need to save and revisit later.

PSA: I'm reading using Amazon Whispersync, as shown in this tweet. You need to buy both Kindle and Audible book to sync the audio with the text. Like this, I can finish 1 book every week!📚

Have a good rest of the day and I hope a wonderful next week!

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