Tech makes us unproductive...

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👋 Hey, welcome in my digital room!

Do you like your relation with tech?

And by tech I mean every single electronic device you have.

Today is really hard to imagine a "free" day completely without our electronic tools, from morning until night. Even on holidays, there's always our smartphone there. It's there telling us what to worry about.

We need to worry about ourselves.

I dedicate most of my life to tech. I love the control I have over computers and software. That's why when it's bed time, the bedroom has no tech, at all.

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In medicine, the discussion about the health of electromagnetic fields is open. Personally I can sleep way better and longer if my bedroom is completely free of any tech. Everyone is a sinner, and sometimes I have my kindle there. I love to read and sync my highlights with Readwise, but I try to avoid that as much as I can.

This brings me to another related point: you can need to stop using your smartphone before the bed. Your eyes need to sleep, you need more time with yourself, your partner, your mates, your thoughts.

A study conducted in Saudi Arabia Found out that

An increase in bedtime smartphone use specially more than 60 minutes makes participants at great risk of having poor sleep quality.

Before your sleep, put down any tech and dedicate time to the being mindful, understand your life, talk with a loved one.

Why we should "limit" ourselves?

We are limited human beings, that strives always to have the best productivity, the best routine, the best tools at our hand to be always on the wave of the progress. Technology is the main fuel and factor of our today's well being, we need to learn how to live with that and how to manage our bodies to achieve the best result, without losing any health.

And this involves having our intermittent digital-fasting, where we return humans, limited in our nature but full of potential. This is where we should think about us, take care about us.

Or simply sleep.

How's your relationship with tech? Can you live with tech in your bedroom?

Have a great day, see you next week! ☀️

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash