Why I love programming.

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🌍 Do you fancy modelling your own world and everything that goes into it?

From the tiniest "Hello World!" to the most complex program, when you give birth to a series of characters that has a function, it feels extremely rewarding. Even if it's only instructing a couple of circuits to pass current at certain times. You're creating meaning out of silicon circuits.

It's the same in a website, although HTML is interpreted and not compiled, when you make websites interactive feels like you're opening a shop to allows visitors to come in.

When you start with one language it might feel overwhelming. And you'll see if it clicks or not, because in the next blink you'll already spend 1000 hours and switching to another language would be like changing underwear. (easy, right?)

When you become a software developer, engineer, you imagine every second how a software might be improved, how you can contribute. Because after playing God, you might ask "other divinities" to come in aid and help expand or correct your mistakes 😁.

Unfortunately I just discovered lately how improve my productivity. Before I was quite messy, and I could easily make easy mistakes. Now with Notion, I always feel on track.

You can expand on the argument in my latest video:

If you're considering starting to program, please check freeCodeCamp, easily the best resource online to power up your skills as fast as you can (but it requires constancy!).

👋 See you next week digital pals!